A day with Swatch Club and Carlo Giordanetti at La Biennale Arte, 28-OCT-2017, Venice, Italy

A day with Swatch Club and Carlo Giordanetti at La Biennale Arte 2017

28-OCT-2017, Venice, Italy

Christine Tanner sent me the following report and photos about the day with Swatch Club and Carlo Giordanetti at La Biennale Arte 2017 in Venice:

At 10am on Saturday morning, around 40 Swatch Club members met at the Santa Lucia train Station in Venice. Francesca from Swatch Club Italy and Aurélie from Swatch Club international received members from Italy, France, Switzerland and United Kingdom. We took the taxi boat to Arsenale and here we got the first surprise, a Swatch bag and umbrella, long time not seen.

At the Arsenale we met Carlo Giordanetti and Vikoria Bays in a special exhibition by Swatch, showing Art piece hotel resident artists, like Virginie Litzler, Yuan Jinhua, Cédric Van Parys, Rodan Kane Hart. One wall showed pictures of the artists from Shanghai, Carlo Giordanetti mentioned, that they still are part of the Swatch Art family. The English-speaking group had then a very interesting guided tour to the Arsenale with Alice. 

At 1pm, we were invited for lunch at the Ristorante Le Bombarde. An excellent Venice lunch.

In the afternoon, we all took a walk to the Giardini to see the fabulous installation by Ian DavenportGiardini Colourfall. Carlo Giordanetti explained the work with the artist and hopes that the artwork will be shown one day in Biel in one of the Swatch buildings. With Alice again, we visited the Russian, Korean and Japanese Pavillion.  We had enough time to explore the Giardini area.

Using the water taxi, we went back to Rialto bridge and took a walk to the Swatch store. Here we had the possibility to buy some special watches like Wide Acres Of Time (SUOZ269S), Viva Arte (GN718E), and Aquagrande (GZ306).

We also got the second surprise: a Bellini for the Venetian apero, the group picture at the Giardini and what we all like, a special Swatch:  the Biennale Arte 2017 Volunteer special (SUON709C). After taking back the boat taxi to the train station, we all said bye bye and hopefully till soon for another exiting Swatch event. Thank you Swatch Club, Carlo, Aurélie, Francesca, Viktoria and Swatch Club Italy, for a marvelous day at the Biennale 2017.

Christine Tanner, 01-NOV.

Here are more pictures from the day (Instagram story by Swatch Club).  Here are the "official" pictures by Swatch Club.

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