Swatch History until 1984

This is a detailed presentation by Swatch of the history of the early years (1979-1984). 

It was shown during the Swatch 30th anniversary celebrations in 2013 during the Swatch Club Gold & Pioneer Event Strasbourg / Basel.  The presentation was held by Swatch COO and head of Swatch The Club, Reto Stöckli.  Back then, a wonderful Swatch exhibition was presented during Baselworld 2013.

So this is the "official" version of the Swatch history according to Swatch.  We can see that the "birthday of Swatch" has been set to 01-MAR-1983.  A few other dates in 1983 could have been chosen.

In the presentation, quite a few notable names of engineers, designers, marketing people are missing in this presentation (in addition to Elmar Mock and Jacques Müller).

Be sure to check out the following 'independent' books / interviews presenting a few additional details / another side of the story.  These are a "must have" in every Swatch collection:

Further recommended reading with more vintage photos: A first look at the Swatch watch in 1982/83

It all began in 1978/79 with the ESA/ETA Delirium Tremens:

Photo: @omegaprototypes

The full and fascinating story of the Delirium Tremens (back then, the thinnest watch in the world at 1.98 mm) can be found on  It is also explained how the Delirium Tremens initiated the idea of a mass procuced and cheap plastic watch...

Swatch was launched in Germany on 19-SEP-1983, see this original press release / launch plan:

NZZ report (in German, with good and rare photos): 
Die Swatch-Saga: «Mit diesem Zeugs willst du die Schweizer Uhrenindustrie retten?»

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