Swiss Lighting Paris, 25-NOV-2004 to 5-JAN-2005

Pictures and report by Philippe Danjean

From 25-NOV-2004 to 5-JAN-2005,  the famous Place Vendôme has been fully decorated by the Swiss Turism Office. With 4 different "Pavillons", the swiss flag was almost everywhere in Place Vendome.  Snow (or at least through special lighting system) fell down on buildings...

Mr. Hayek was not so far you can see in one of the video broadcast in 1 of the 4 Pavillons....

Swatch has participated to this event with a special exhibition Swatch called Cross Pass (LK226PU).  The packaging included a white vendome envelope with a special red and white feather. 90 specials were produced with 50 given away at a sweepstake for the french newspaper LE FIGARO. Also a special leaflet (in french) about the exhibition was done in order to explain the work of artists.

display at the Swatch store

A very nice cocktail was done for the club members, too. 

Thanks to Philippe Danjean for the report and pictures.

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