Swatch Tour De Suisse 2017

22 to 23-MAY-2017, Switzerland

Inbetween the Gold & Pioneer Event 2017 in Geneva and the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders 2017 in Grenchen, Swatch Collectors Dirk and Nikolai went on a short Swatch Tour De Suisse in order to pick up all Destination Switzerland specials.  Dirk posted a few funny pictures on Facebook and I thought that it would be worthwile to preserve them here as well.  So I am posting the following pictures with his permission:

1st Etape:  Geneva

2nd Etape:  Zermatt

3rd Etape:  Interlaken

4th Etape:  Lucerne

4.5th Etape:  Tunnel between Lucerne and Zurich

5th Etape:  Zurich

6th Etape:  Berne

7th Etape:  Grenchen,  Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders 2017

No "Stau" on tour at all.  Total distance:  668.3 km

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