Treviso Swap Market 2015

12-NOV-2015, Treviso, Italy

One day before the traditional Swatch Club Xmas event in Venice, Nicolò and his team from the Swatch Store in Treviso and his family and a few Swatch collecting friends had organized the first Treviso Swap Market (#TSM15) at Casa dei Carraresi in Treviso, a very nice location.  The event was a huge success as I guess that around 80 to 100 visitors / collectors from Italy but also from other European countries and even USA and Asia were present during the day. 

Quite a few Swatch watches were swapped, traded, bought and sold.  But it was also great just to see quite a few pieces that you don't see every day.

The whole event was perfectly organized with great hospitality up to the very last little detail and everyone enjoyed the event.  Thank you Nicolò and everyone else who was involved!

Below, you can find a few impressions from the day (I probably missed the most busiest time as we arrived in the afternoon only, thanks to Lufthansa :-/

Sascha arrived even later!

In the evening, about 50-60 participants went out together for a very nice dinner (THANK YOU Nicolò and family!).  The food and wine was fantastic, everyone had a great time!

Treviso is a small but very beautiful city and definitively worth a visit!

Fortunately, an event souvenir (actually two different ones, silver and gold) had also been prepared in a limited edition of 25 pcs each.  The watches are also numbered xx/25 on the back and they come in a nice paper sleeve.

On the morning after the Treviso Swap Market, a large international group of collectors took the train from Treviso to the Swatch Club Xmas event in Venice.

Thanks to Toty Booms for a few pictures.

Andreas Wiethoff, 21-NOV-2015.

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