Swatch Club Xmas Event Venice 2015

13 to 15-NOV-2015, Venice, Italy

One day after the hugely successful Treviso Swap Market, a large international group of collectors took the train at 9.25am from Treviso to the Swatch Club Xmas event in Venice.  Wisely enough, Nicoḷ had reserved a complete coach for all of us.  Everyone was happily waiting for the train:

Travelling with "light" luggage all the way from NYC via Moscow to Venice.  Wow!

On board of the train, we had some trouble to find the right coach (it should have been the last waggon but it wasn't). This was no serious problem as the train took less than an hour. 

Venice was very foggy upon arrival.  The fog lead to some complicated circumstances for a few participants of the Xmas event, more about this later... 

We were greeted by a few familiar faces.  So a warm welcome at the train station already.  The preparations by Nicoḷ and his team consisted of even more than just a train reservation:  Several water taxis were waiting for us, so we could get on the boat fast.

Looking forward to the Xmas event!

After about 10-15 minutes, we arrived at our hotel for the next two days, the very nice **** Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, a historical, neo-gothic building on Guidecca Island, once home to a grand flour mill in 1895.

Giusy and the team from Swatch club were waiting for us at the welcome desk for the Xmas event in the lobby of the hotel. About 156 club members participated at the Xmas event, quite a large group with many new faces!  Each participant received his welcome package which included a pair of wellies, branded with the event logo.  Fortunately, the wellies were not needed during the three days, as we had no rain, only fog with a few glimpses of the sun.

Photo session after receiving the welcome package

At around noon on Friday, the event started with a lunch in the great hall.

Carlo Giordanetti (Creative Director of Swatch) gave a short welcome speech and also held a first lucky draw (with three winners) where the new Alessandro Mendini artist special, the New Gent Spot The Dot (SUOZ213) was given away.  As this watch is currently only available in South Korea, this was a nice surprise.  Even better:  Each winner also got a promotional card signed by Alessandro Mendini!  Thank you Carlo, for thinking of us collectors when you meet the artists....

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