Swatch The Club Xmas Event Vienna 2013

Vienna, Austria, 28-NOV to 01-DEC-2013

From 28-NOV to 01-DEC-2013 the traditional Swatch The Club Xmas event took place in Vienna, Austria.  Thursday afternoon, about 130 event participants from all around the world met at the stylish 25 hours Hotel in Vienna ("we are all mad here"; what an appropriate tag line!).  The lobby of the hotel was already decorated in Swatch style...

The Swatch The Club Event welcome desk was at the Dachboden in the top floor underneath the roof.  As you can see, it was very busy and lots of friends saying "hello" after a long (or not so long) time...

Picture by Swatch

Some of us were able to pick up their special net.hunt prize as well

During his welcome speech, Swatch COO Reto Stöckli not only gave us details about the upcoming event, he also introduced the newly appointed Head of Swatch The Club:  Claude Bravi.

and for the first time:  live blogging about the event on the official Swatch webpage!

Afterwards, the buses took us to the Prater, Vienna's famous amusement park with the historic ferris wheel.

waiting for a free cabin on the ferris wheel...

...and enjoying the small model

The real thing arrives!

Going up in style!

What a view!

After this impressive overview of the city of Vienna, we walked over to Madame Toussauds where we met lots and lots of famous VIPs.

What would Karl say?

In the VIP party room, drinks and food was served until late.  Lots of time to mingle with all the other collectors and the stars!

Special net.hunt jacket!

Carlo Giordanetti, creative director at Swatch

George is amused

I wholeheartedly support this statement!

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