100% Swatch Swiss Club Xmas Event

01-DEC-2022, Biel, Switzerland

Christine Tanner sent me a few photos and a short report:

On 01-DEC, Swatch Club Switzerland invited for an 100% Swatch Swiss event at the Swatch HQ in Biel. 

The event started at 6pm with an Apéro outside of the Swatch HQ building, nicely decorated with a huge snowman.  We saw an impressive Swiss Flag throwing demonstration accompanied with Alphorn music by the professional musician Eliana Burki.   Audrey (Swatch Club Intl.) and Adrien (Marché Suisse) gave a speech about the program and surprises. Afterwards, we could enter the cozy decorated HQ entrance for a nice Fondue evening. 39 Gold and Pioneer members and staff from Swatch stores in Lausanne, Zürich, Basel and Geneve where invited. 

Carlo Giordanetti presented the Xmas Swatch Golden Merry (105 CHF) and the Swatch Club Xmas SwatchXYou special Happy Holidays (100 CHF) for all the different local events.  At the end of a nice Swatch come together we all received a Swiss Raclette Set with cheese and cornichons.

Thank you Swatch Club Adrien, Aleksandra, Audrey, Daniel, Joel, Liza and Vanessa for this nice and cozy get together!

Christine Tanner & Andreas Wiethoff, 02-DEC-2022

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