Swissmass Club Xmas Event

09-DEC-2022, Düsseldorf, Germany

On 09-DEC, Swatch Club Germany had invited for a Swissmass Get-together in the Swatch store in Düsseldorf.  About 26 Club members from all over Germany participated at the event.  The photos below include a few snapshots from the @swatchclub Instagram account.

At about 5pm, we met in front of the Swatch store, next to the Xmas market on the Schadowplatz.

Fresh and warm Glühwein was served, everyone received a free black metal Swatch cup.

Britta from Swatch Club Germany and Freddy from the Swatch Club Düsseldorf introduced the team.  Vivienne presented the new Xmas special Golden Merry (SO28B115):

A special guest from Vienna had also arrived:  Venezuelan Artist & Illustrator Lym Moreno instructed us later in the evening during a workshop involving paper, glue, a cutter knife, ...

Additionally, Vivienne presented the special SwatchXYou Club Holidays which was available to buy during the evening.

A wonderful mixture in the tree:  Penguin and Swatch ornaments

At about 6.30 pm, the paper cutout workshop started in the upper floor of the Swatch store.

Lym gave us detailed instruction showing the nine(!) layers we had to cut in order to complete the "artwork in a box".  A lot of work, not that easy :-)

But the final result showed that it was really worth the effort...

Afterwards, we had enough time for some drinks, Swatch stories, finger food, ...  It was well worth the trip to Düsseldorf!

Thanks to everyone from Swatch store Düsseldorf and Swatch Club Germany for a wonderful "swissmass" evening!

Andreas Wiethoff, 12-DEC-2022

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