Swatch Pre-Launch Club Watch 2014

Zurich, Switzerland, 18-MAR-2014

On 18-MAR, starting at 6pm, the Pre-Launch of the new Club watch for 2014 (White Loop) took place in Zurich, Switzerland. 

But before the pre-launch event started, we had another small and enjoyable 'mission' to fulfill.  We had arranged a short meeting with pastry chef Sara Hochuli, the designer of the cute and sweet Dreamcake Swatch.  Her cafe is called Les Gourmandises de Miyuko and it can be seen on the photo below on the right:

If you are a Swatch collector or not:  Her cafe is definitely worth a visit if you are in Zurich, with unique, creative and hand-made cakes and sweets, free of any artificial ingredients.  Yummy!

The real Dreamcake

Sara patiently posed for pictures and signed our watch, even though she probaby was still jet lagged as she just had returned from the Dreamcake launch in Shanghai at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel.  Thanks a lot again, this is highly appreciated!

Thanks a lot, Sara Hochuli, for your precious time :-)

After our small autograph session, we had to hurry a little bit in order to reach the brand new Swatch LAB at Tiefenhöfe in time.

The doorbell of the Swatch LAB at Tiefenhöfe is very discrete.  The building (I forgot to take a picture) is very old, dating back to the 17th century.  The offices in this building are located underground, four levels!

This painting by Ted Scapa was shown at Baselworld 2013 before

About 75 club members participated at the pre-launch event (most from Switzerland).  Claude Bravi (head of Swatch The Club), opened the evening and an introductory speech.  A few things will change regarding the Swatch Club starting 1-APR:  Two club watches per year (not one as in the last years), many more club benefits, many more local (and small) events.  I am curious about the new club webpage when it goes online in April.

The new club watch White Loop was on display, this time with a special Zurich loop:

In the first of the three rooms in the ground floor, a Swatch shop had been set up in order to present the current collection (and for the sale of the Club special).  I don't know if this had been done especially for this evening, probably not.  The two other rooms featured an exhibition presenting more details about the White Loop club watch and the eight launch events all around the world in March 2014:

15th: Rome (Italy)

18th: Zurich (Switzerland)

20th: Berlin (Germany, Currywurst!)

22nd: Lisbon (Portugal)

25th: New York City (USA)

26th: Paris (France)

27th: London (UK)

29th: Tokyo (Japan)

The pre-launch packaging (SUOZ170S) of the new club watch is similar (but not identical) to the regular packaging and it features the eight different flags of the countries with launch events. It is is numbered xxx/999 (SUOZ170S), the watch is also numbered on the back (for all launch cities):

Claude explained all the details of the watch to the collectors.

In the other room, a display with all 30 watches which are featured on the White Loop strap and dial was shown.  My favourite is GG100 from 1983 of course.  Some nitpicking (sorry):  The strap of  Grey Memphis was not original (embossed "Swatch" on the lower part of the strap was not used in 1984).

On the wall, some pictures with advertisement and club material from the last three decades.

At about 7pm, Carlo Giordanetti (Creative Director at Swatch Intl.) introduced the White Loop club watch with a video featuring all 30 watches.  He also gave some background information about the new Swatch LAB Zurich (it was opened two months ago).

And finally, the sale of the special Zurich launch package started, in groups of 10 collectors.  The package included the special pre-launch packaging and a nice scarf featuring the flags of all eight launch countries.

And of course, we did not starve during the whole evening, lots of great fingerfood was served.  The cake was also great, especially Idda's birthday cake (thanks again, Idda!).

this is the scarf included in the pre-launch packaging

Thanks again to Sara Hochuli for the spontaneous autograph session and to everyone at Swatch Club for a great Club watch launch evening!  See you soon in Stresa!

Thanks to Christine Tanner for a few pictures at Les Gourmandises de Miyuko.

Andreas Wiethoff, 22-MAR-2014.

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