Artyou presented by Swatch

08-SEP-2011, Basel, Switzerland

On 08-SEP-2011, the urban art exhibition Artyou was opened in Basel, Switzerland.  Swatch is presenting sponsor and invited the swiss club members for a pre-opening event.  On the same day, the Swatch x Kidrobot collection was officially launched in Switzerland, so one of the artists (Tilt from France) was also there for an autograph session (as part of the eleven launch events worldwide).  About 20 club members were present at the pre-opening, about 100 people (VIPs, artists, journalists, ...) in total.

Here are a few impressions from the event which took place at the freshly renovated Ackermannshof:

live performance art (which could be bought later for 50 CHF per tile)

yes, art backpacks as well!

Tilt also waiting for the opening of the doors

opening speech by Philipp Brogli (Artyou founder)

Tilt presenting his art (I'd love to buy that Maxi!!)

price for the painting:  5100 CHF

in the back:  Reto Stöckli (COO of Swatch AG)

signing is hard work!

a chair and a desk:  much better!

Tilt patiently signed a lot of watches, thanks very much for that!

A signed watch, a signed dunny and a signed box!

The collectors participating at the event also received a very nice print of the picture which was the basis for the Love Song (GE232) watch, signed in pencil by Tilt!

And here are some impressions of the artworks shown at the exhibition:

the red/orange picture on the left is also by Tilt

Love From Behind by Tilt (6400 CHF)

Stefan Winterle

Admir Jahic & Comenius Roethlisberger – Flying Saucer, Powel 2011

Alexander "Biserama" Becherer

Alexander "Biserama" Becherer

Antonio in the back :-)

Roman Hofer


Claude "Note" Luethi (ballpoint pen!)

Reto Ehrbar (yes, it is Keith!)

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