Artyou 2012 presented by Swatch

20-SEP-2012, Basel, Switzerland

On 20-SEP-2012, the urban art exhibition Artyou was opened in Basel, Switzerland.  Swatch is presenting sponsor and invited the swiss club members for a pre-opening event.  About 20 club members were present at the pre-opening, about 100 people (VIPs, artists, journalists, ...) in total.

French tattoo artist Tin-Tin also was present in Basel for the launch of his new artist Swatches Draconem (SUOZ150), Fired Snake (SUOZ151), and Waved Koi (SUOZ152).  Tin-Tin is also part of the Artyou exhibition.

More important, there was "live action":  During the pre-opening event, Tin-Tin tattooed the winner of a Swatch tattoo contest, Pete Steffen

This procedure took about two hours...

...almost finished...

During the opening speech, Tin-Tin was also interviewed about "live tattooing", his artist Swatches (he felt very honoured when Swatch asked him), ...

After the tattoo was finally finished, Tin-Tin patiently signed his watches for the club members:

Picture by bazonline

And here are some more impressions from the opening of the Artyou exhibition:

lots of fine drinks were served

live DJ

my favourite:  '-' by Doppeldenk (a triptychon)

German artists have to have a relation to Kraftwerk :-)

my second favourite:  '+' by Doppeldenk

Jers & Aley (Switzerland)

Nevercrew (Switzerland)

Rae Martini (Italy)

The full booklet of the Artyou exhibition can be found online. has additional pictures and impressions from the event.

Andreas Wiethoff, 22-SEP-2012.

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