Be Swiss Swatch The Club Event, Spiez / Gstaad, Switzerland, 27 to 29-JUL-2007

From 27 to 29-JUL-2007, Swatch The Club held a Club event called Be Swiss.  About 50 collectors from all over Europe came to the 'heart' of Swatch, Switzerland.  We met on friday morning at the very nice newly renovated Single Hotel Eden in Spiez.  As you can see from this picture by Ted Scapa, this hotel is "Swatch"-related since its reopening in September 2006.  Ted Scapa designed the Montreux Jazz Festival 2003 special artist Swatch watch.

This is the nice view from the terrace of the hotel restaurant:  In the back, you can see a glimpse of the Thun Lake.

The registration for the club event was held in the library.

Around noon, Skander (head of Swatch The Club) gave his welcome speech, afterwards, we left for a 90 minutes (ouch!) bus ride to the small village of Affoltern in the Bernese Oberland where....

... we went to visit the Emmentaler Schaukäserei (Show dairy):

First of all, a quick view of a modern dairy...

...afterwards:  time for an excellent lunch:

A very interesting exhibition called The Amish and their roots was presented in this room, it shows a lot of books, art works, toys, ... of the Amish.  In the late 17th century, the Amish emigrated to the United States from the Bernese Oberland region. The name “Amish” stems from the Baptist preacher, Jacob Amman.  So besides of our group of Swatch watch collectors, a lot of Amish people from the US came for a visit of the Show Dairy, as a part of a trip back to their roots...

Now it was time to learn something about the traditional location (Küherstock) and about the traditional method of cheese production: 

this is the room where the cheese ages for up to two years (normally ~5 months)

Idda learns how to use the "cheese harp"

we all signed this label afterwards

the cheese is put in the form...

...and strongly pressed so that the water flows out of the form

the final result gets a number for later reference

Idda 'fights' back with the camera

On our way back from the dairy, we received a nice little present...

... a special Be Swiss cheese which tastes very well :-)

In the evening, we drove to the restaurant Chemihütte in Aschiried.  Again, a beautiful view of the mountains and of the Thun Lake.

After a very tasty dinner, Skander presented the Be Swiss special packaging which was exclusively created for this club event.

Click to enlarge!

The nice red paper sleeve contains the Touch Alarm Nostalgic Touch (STAF100C) with a unique loop around the strap:

Click to enlarge!

The special is limited to 80 pcs but only 50 pcs (= number of participants) were distributed at the event!  So the special is quite rare.

Henk seems to like the new special!

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