Swatch Fruit And Vegetable Market

21-SEP-2019, Biel, Switzerland

On 21-SEP-2019, Swatch had organized the first Swatch fruit and vegetable market at the Swatch Drive Thru Store in Biel, Switzerland. 

Christine Tanner joined the event and she sent me the following report and photos:

We had fun at the Swatch vegetable market in Biel today.  Few Swatch Watches from the veggie set by Alfred Hofkunst have been sold - max. 1 per person.  The watches are packed in new boxes and running with new batteries.  Also other Swatch watches matching the vegetable theme were sold.  Around 30 collectors came to the drive-through market.  Soup, coffee and drink were served.  Until 10-OCT, the admission for the Swatch and Omega Museum is free.  Thanks Marché Suisse, Alain, Vanessa, Vicky, Kathy and the team.

Christine Tanner, 21-SEP-2019

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