Boston ‘Once Upon a Time Storybook’ launch

02+03-OCT-1993, Boston, USA

Long time Swatch collector Ann Keeling recently published a few photos in the SWATCH ENTHUSIASTIC GROUP WORLDWIDE Facebook group.  As digital photos from early Swatch events are rare, I am reposting these here with permission.  Ann writes:

I thought I would post pics from my first international swatch event.  The 1993 launch of Boston’s ‘Storybook’ or ‘Once Upon a Time’.

The Harvard Crimson also has a report about the Boston Swatch Exchange in early October 1993 at the Charles Hotel (more than 1000 collectors in attendance, those were the days!). 

A giant Le Chat Botte (GG123) Maxi

"Dr. Swatch"--a.k.a. actor Jim R. Meskimen of Los Angeles

The Boston Once Upon A Time Storybook from 1993 is limited to 999 pcs and it contains two Swatch watches from the 1993 collection:
A Gent Le Chat Botte (GG123) and a Lady La Belle Au Bois Dormant (LP114).

Andreas Wiethoff, 09-AUG-2020

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