Swatch Holiday Event Budapest 2019

part 2: Visit to Korda Filmstúdió

On Friday morning, we got up very early in order to enjoy again (yes!) the beautiful view of the river Danube.

At 8.30am, we took the buses and departed for Etyek.  We did not know the details of the morning programme as it was listed as "Surprise".

Etyek is well know as a wine area but also for the Korda Filmstúdiós.  So we would learn some details about movie production....  We did not know yet that we would also be "future film stars" :-)

Upon arrival, we received different wrist straps, so we were divided into four groups of approx. 25 Club members.

I was part of the yellow group and we got a brief introduction to the area. 

Our group entered the main building first and we learned about the Hungarian history of film making. 

Additionally, we learned that lots of movies are shot these days in Hungary (incl. eg. the popular TV series The Borgia).

Afterwards, it was time for "action".  Each group was shooting a real trailer for a (not existing) TV series.  The script for our trailer was about a superdangerous virus....

..scientists (Stephen, Michaela, myself, ...)....

... a victim of the virus (new Gold Member Matt from California)....

... a few scared citizens (Fabrizio, Hayley, Markus, ...)...

... and the best actor as a super villain:  Rodolphe...

It took only a few tries to shoot our scenes, so we were ready to go outside for the remaining scenes.

So we were quickly "transported" to New York city to shoot the remaining scenes for our TV trailer.  Four superheroes vs. a large group of Zombies (the rest of our group)!  It was hilarious and we all had a lot of fun. 

Another group of Zombies passed nearby

... and action!  (super heroes!)

Three zombies attack an innocent victim and the super hero (Christine) saves the victim!

After about one hour, we had shot all scenes in New York cities.  I can't wait to see the final result!

We went to another part of the studio complex:  A city in the medieval age (only made of wood and plaster).  This city has been used in many recent movie productions.

The whole trip to the Korda Filmpark was a lot of fun.  We drove back to Budapest in the early afternoon.

We had a nice lunch at the Kiosk restaurant, great food and drinks!

Now this is a sentence to remember (both!)

We had a few hours of spare time in the after noon, so we took a nice walk on the shore of the Danube river.

...passing the parliament building...

...and a quick visit to the only Swatch store in Budapest.  It was quite small but they had some nice Black Friday specials (older watches at a very good price).  No real specials, though.

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