Swatch Club Pre-Launch Event Frankfurt, 24-MAR-2016, Frankfurt, Germany

Swatch Club Pre-Launch Event Frankfurt

24-MAR-2016, Frankfurt, Germany

For the Club Watch Pre-Launch Event 2016, Swatch Club Germany had invited to a very nice location in Frankfurt:  We met at about 7.30 pm at the Kunstverein Familie Montez in der Honsellbrücke.  Yes, this is an art society inside a bridge crossing the river Main, in the (small) port area of Frankfurt.  About 30-40 club members from Germany were present for the unveiling of the Frankfurt edition of the limited Stargaze Club watch (SUOZ214KS, 45 pcs were available). Every limited Stargaze Club watch was accompanied with a certificate of a personalized star in the sky:  I now have a certificate for Stargaze 593!

Stefan with a custom made T-shirt

The location was very nicely decorated.  Artworks on the wall, and club watch decoration everywhere...

Claude Bravi (head of Swatch The Club), opened the evening and an introductory speech.

Presentation of the limited Stargaze special

The new welcome package, nice!

Test of the new Swatch The Eyes sunglasses:  OK! (photo by Swatch)

(photo by Swatch)

A room in the back was reserved for the invited Club members, warm food was served. So everyone was happy to talk Swatch and non Swatch related things...

Afterwards, Claude and Britta Engels (Swatch Club Germany) held a lottery for the welcome package (bow-tie and bag) as well as a free trip to the next Xmas Event (it will take place in Europe!).

In the middle:  The lucky winner of the trip to the Xmas Event!

A photo booth was also available, everyone could take some funny pictures!

At around 9.30pm, the doors were opened for the general public.  It was time to Swatch Up Your Night with Möwe and DJ Deyan.  Especially Möwe was fantastic and we all had a lot of fun!

Thanks a lot to Swatch Club Germany (Britta, Thomas, ...) and Claude for a wonderful evening!  Here is an overview of the goodies we got at the event:

Andreas Wiethoff, 29-MAR-2016.

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