Swatch C-Monsta Beach Party 1995

12-AUG-1995, Otto-Maigler-See in Hürth near Cologne, Germany

André Wieners (Swatch Collector from Germany) sent me the following photos taken in 1995 and a few notes:

On 12-AUG-1995, the C-Monsta Beach Party took place on the beach of Otto-Maigler-See in Hürth near Cologne.  A tent was set up in the lido where the Swatch Scuba 200 Summer Special C-Monsta (SDZ101) could be purchased. The watch's warranty certificate was provided with a special sticker from the event. There was also a big music stage. I don't remember which groups played there.

According to the German Swatch News (SEP/OCT-1995), 150 people worked at the event for "thousands of Swatch collectors" (those were the days). 

In the United Kingdom, a Monster-Party was held in Brighton on 29-JUL-1995.  1500 Swatch collectors participated at the Shark Attack Party.

Thanks to André for the photos!

Andreas Wiethoff, 22-OCT-2023

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