Swatch Destination specials

Last updated:  22-OCT-2021

Swatch had launched many city specials earlier, before starting with the Destination series (eg. Instanbul 34 (SUJZ401), Fluid Word (Frankfurt, SUJK104K), three New York special swatches (Empire State (GK309, 1998), Sign Of The Times (GZ409, 2004), Lines In The Sky (GZ209) and many more).  In the following list, we only consider watches in the special Destination Swatch paper sleeve (with one exception, #69).

The first Destination special was launched on 10-MAR-2016: Ketje From Brussels (SUOZ712).  Since then, more than 60 Destination specials have been issued.  Some are completely new models, some are older models with a special strap.  They all have the special Destination Swatch paper sleeve.

The following table is ordered in the approx. date of release.  If you have an addition or corrections to this list, please send me an email.

Thanks to Wolfgang Seiler, Fabien Perissinotto, Alain Choisy, Tak Lun Lee, Ian Taylor, Elvin Rawlins, Thomas Chan, Edward Chung, Bruno Mahier, Ryan Clarke, Joachim Meyer, Paolo Monfardini, Sophia Chang, Angelo Moccaldi, Hans van Buuren, Ines Brem, Toty Booms, German Santiago, and David Catel for the information and the help.

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