Swatch Destination specials

Last updated:  26-MAY-2024

Swatch had launched many city specials earlier, before starting with the Destination series (eg. Instanbul 34 (SUJZ401), Fluid Word (Frankfurt, SUJK104K), three New York special swatches (Empire State (GK309, 1998), Sign Of The Times (GZ409, 2004), Lines In The Sky (GZ209) and many more).  In the following list, we only consider watches in the special Destination Swatch paper sleeve (with one exception, #69).

The first Destination special was launched on 10-MAR-2016: Ketje From Brussels (SUOZ712).  Since then, more than 60 Destination specials have been issued.  Some are completely new models, some are older models with a special strap.  They all have the special Destination Swatch paper sleeve.

The following table is ordered in the approx. date of release.  If you have an addition or corrections to this list, please send me an email.

DEC-2022:  I added a second table SwatchXYou Destination specials below this table...

City Ref.No. Off. Launch Date
delays are/were possible
1 Ketje From Brussels Brussels (Belgium) SUOZ712 10-MAR-2016 first ever destination special
2 Prater Melodies Vienna (Austria)
SUOZ227 07-JUL-2016
3 Tutta Mia La Citta Milano (Italy) SUOZ228 07-JUL-2016
4 Greetings From Vienna Vienna (Austria) GW705D 14-APR-2016
5 Miami Vibes Miami (USA) SUOZ230 07-JUL-2016
6 11H30AM London (United Kingdom) SUOZ231 07-JUL-2016
7 Greetings From London London (United Kingdom) SUON705F 14-APR-2016
8 Flower Bay Hong Kong (China) SUOZ232 20-OCT-2016
9 Greetings From Hong Kong Hong Kong (China) SUOB702Q 14-APR-2016 sold out, no longer avail.
10 Greetings From Macau Macau (China) YGS128C 14-APR-2016
11 Bisous De Paris Paris (France) SUOZ233 07-JUL-2016
12 Greetings From Paris Paris (France) GW164F 14-APR-2016 sold out, no longer avail.
13 What happens in Vegas... Las Vegas (USA) SUOZ234 07-JUL-2016
14 Greetings From Las Vegas Las Vegas (USA) SUOB716C

15 Munch Me Munich (Germany) GZ413

16 She Rocks New York (USA) SUOZ235
17 1535 Broadway New York (USA) SUOZ244

18 Desert Beauty Dubai (United Arab Emirates) SUOZ256
19 Greetings From Zurich Zurich (Switzerland) GW164J 14-APR-2016
20 Bearn Berne (Switzerland) SUOZ248

21 Bout Du Lac Geneva (Switzerland) SUOZ249 01-DEC-2016

22 Scènes De Zuri Zurich (Switzerland) SUOZ254
01-DEC-2016 inspired by Champs De Zuri (GR134, 1997)
23 Kapellbrücke Lucerne (Switzerland) SUOZ252

24 Nächster Halt Jungfrau (Switzerland) SUOZ251

25 Mungg Zermatt (Switzerland) SUOZ253 01-DEC-2016 dial inspired by Highness Of Zermatt (SKN103, 1999)
26 Tunneling Gotthard Base Tunnel (Switzerland) SUOZ257

27 Stau Gotthard Road Tunnel (Switzerland) SUOZ250S 13-APR-2017 limited to 1691 pcs, numbered on the back
28 Acquagranda Venice (Italy) GZ306

29 Not A Bother Ireland GP147C
30 Happy Out Ireland SUOW119C 20-OCT-2016
31 Evening Ring Moscow (Russia) SUOZ262 08-MAR-2017
32 Peter 1st St. Petersburg (Russia) SUOZ263 08-MAR-2017

33 Horale Cancun (Mexico) SUOZ268

34 K'iin Playa Playa del Carmen (Mexico) SUOZ268C 29-JUN-2017

35 Tulpen Uit XXX Amsterdam (Netherlands) SUOZ714 24-AUG-2017

36 #LOVEMACAU Macau (China) SUOZ267
37 Land Of Plenty Chengdu (China) SUOZ270

38 A Night In Shanghai Shanghai (China)

39 Beijing Opera Beijing (China) SUOZ272

40 Edo Night Tokyo (Japan)

41 Nandeyanen Osaka (Japan)
GB247V 07-SEP-2017

42 Laneways Melbourne (Australia)

43 Sea My Colors Carribean (Cayman Islands) GN718D 01-JUN-2017
Available with four different loops:  Curaçao, Aruba, Sint Maarten (front) / Saint Martin (back), and Cayman Islands.
44 Tuk-Tuk Sam-Lor
Bangkok (Thailand) SUOZ284 17-AUG-2017 available since 31-MAR-2018
45 Ei Gude Frankfurt (Germany) SUOZ286
21-JUN-2018 nice gift to launch event participants (opened box)
46 Lion Rock Hong Kong (China) GZ706 01-SEP-2018
47 You Ok Hun Ireland GG213C SEP-2018
48 Ick Bin Ein Berlina Berlin (Germany) SUOZ293
49 Napulè Naples (Italy) GR162E NOV-2018
50 It's All Greek To Me
Greece GW408C NOV-2018 Available with eight different loops:  Athens, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Mykonos, Kos, and Thessaloniki.
51 L'Esprit De Montréal
Montreal (Canada) SUON705N
52 Saranghae Seoul Seoul (South Korea) GZ325
25-JAN-2019 ("I love Seoul")
53 Singapore Tale Singapore SUOZ296 01-MAR-2019 initial run 2500 pcs, designed by Singaporean artist Tan Zi Xi, with information leaflet.  Now reproduced again...
54 Tel Aviv - Nonstop Tel Aviv (Israel) SUOZ309 MAY-2019 limited to 999 pcs
55 Quadrilatero Milano (Italy) GZ330 MAY-2019 sold only in the Swatch Store Via Monte Napoleone (for a fashion event?!?!)
56 Mozart Melodies Salzburg (Austria) GZ332 27-MAY-2019
57 Colosseo Rome (Italy) SUOZ308

58 Vacanze Romane Rome (Italy) GZ333 JUL-2019
59 6IX6 Toronto (Canada) SUOB702CO 12-JUL-2019
60 Auld Reekie Edinburgh (United Kingdom) SUON130C AUG-2019 only at the Princess street store
61 Tea O’clock London (United Kingdom) SUOZ313 AUG-2019 dark version of 11H30AM
62 Selflorence
Florence (Italy) SUOZ311
shown too early in an Instagram posting (for a short period)
63 Taiwan Dering Taipei (Taiwan) SUOZ319 30-OCT-2019
64 Swatch Porto Porto (Portugal) SUOZ315 27-NOV-2019
65 Ookini Osaka (Japan) SUOB134E 28-NOV-2019 "Ookini": “thank you” (Osaka dialect, Jap. “arigato”)
66 B-Viewtiful Bürgenstock Resort (Switzerland) SUOZ320 04-DEC-2019
67 Pau Hana Time
Hawaii (USA) GZ339 07-DEC-2019

68 I Night HK Hong Kong (China) GB299C DEC-2019
69 Myeongdong Nights Myeongdong (Seoul, South Korea) SUOB720F Summer(?) 2019 Different paper sleeve!
70 Azzurrissimo Naples (Italy) SUOZ325
JUL-2020 inspired by Sole Mio (GM124, 1994)
71 Bridge Between Art And Water Rotterdam (Netherlands) SUON705T 03-NOV-2020
72 Sydeshow Sydney (Australia) SUOW137C NOV-2020
73 Melbnificient Melbourne (Australia) SUOB720I
NOV-2020 replaced circa JAN-2023 with Mono Black In Biosourced version (SO29B704C)
74 L'Expérience Montréal Montreal (Canada) SO29Z100 30-JUN-2021 first "Bioreloaded" New Gent  Destination special, packaging made of recycled paper
75 A City of a Hundred Names Istanbul (Turkey) SUOZ719
14-JUL-2021 quietly announced on Twitter
76 Gates Of Love San Francisco (USA) SO29Z103 23-SEP-2021
77 Only In Vegas! Las Vegas (USA) SO29Z110 21-OCT-2021
78 Biel-Bienne Biel (Switzerland) SO29Z118 24-MAY-2022 only available at the Swatch Drive-Thru Store, special packaging
79 Love In Verona Verona (Italy) SO28Z112 31-AUG-2022 packaging made of recycled paper
80 Mi Buenos Aires Querido Buenos Aires (Argentinia) SO29Z121 APR-2023
81 Canada Eh Pay Canada SO29Z122-5300 15-JUN-2023 first Destination special with SwatchPAY! function
82 Le Chant Des Cigales Côte dAzur (France) SO29Z131
03-AUG-2023 French Riviera

The packaging of the Destination Swatch specials has changed in the last years.  In 2016, it started with a paper sleeve for the well known plastic packaging.

In 2020, with the introduction of the eco-friendly pasteboard packaging), the packaging was changed to a "cigar box" style paper packaging.  This packaging is now also being used for older Destination specials such as this one here from New York City:

After the introduction of the first Bioreloaded New Gent Destination special (L'Expérience Montréal) in JUN-2021), the packaging was changed again slightly:  It is now being made of recycled paper.  Also available with older Destination specials such as this Nächster Halt Jungfrau (Switzerland):

SwatchXYou Destination specials

In December 2022, Swatch has launched prefabricated SwatchXYou Destination specials.  These are also available only in the respective city.  The SwatchXYou watch is packaged in the typical "Greetings From ..." Destination watch packaging but no "Greetings From ..." loop around the strap.  "Greetings From" on the strap, though.  The first watches in the series cost 95 EURO / $95 US.

City / Country
Ref.No. Launch Date
1 Greetings From Greece SXY
Greece SUOK144-031 2022 no special sleeve
2 Las Vegas SXY Las Vegas (USA)
SUOK137-034 DEC-2022
3 New York City SXY New York City (USA)
SUOK147-021 DEC-2022
4 Greetings From Paris SXY Paris SUOK137-035
JAN-2023 special sleeve
5 Greetings From Greece II SXY Greece SUOK147-025 FEB-2023 special sleeve
6 Greetings From Geneva SXY Geneva (Switzerland) SUOK145-048 MAR-2023 special sleeve
7 Greetings From Zermatt SXY Zermatt (Switzerland) SUOK144-066 16-MAY-2023

Thanks to Wolfgang Seiler, Fabien Perissinotto, Alain Choisy, Tak Lun Lee, Ian Taylor, Elvin Rawlins, Thomas Chan, Edward Chung, Bruno Mahier, Ryan Clarke, Joachim Meyer, Paolo Monfardini, Sophia Chang, Angelo Moccaldi, Andrea Marco Faggioli, Hans van Buuren, Ines Brem, Toty Booms, German Santiago, Fabrizio Mazzucco, Melissa Starr, Ricardo Rocha, Thomas Sonneville, Aidan Lee, Benedikt Nardin, and David Catel for the information and the help.

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