Swatch Club Watch Launch and Store Opening Event Dusseldorf

23-MAR-2018, Dusseldorf, Germany

On 23-MAR-2018, Swatch Club Germany had invited the German club members for the launch of the limited version of the Club Swatch 2018 Find Your Way (888 pcs, SUOZ278S, 125 EURO) to the fashion city of Germany:  Düsseldorf.  Another reason for the selection of Dusseldorf was the opening event of the new Swatch Megastore at Schadowplatz 12.

About 30 club members participated at the launch event (it was fully booked of course).  We met at 5pm in the center of Dusseldorf at the location of Team Escape Düsseldorf (Alexanderstraße 31). 

In conjunction with the "Find Your Way" theme, the first stop of the event was an Escape Room riddle.  After a short welcome speech by German Swatch brand manager Stefan Sommer and head of Club Germany Britta Engels, we were divided into five different groups who had to solve one of the five Escape Rooms ("The Hofman Formula", "The Kidnapping", "The Twilight Of The Gods", "The Cell - Room A", "The Cell - Room B").

In each room, the team had to search, to collect and to combine hidden clues and objects. It was very difficult to escape the room in under 60 minutes, we needed only "a little" help :-)  No photos or videos or hints of course.  We all had a lot of fun....

Afterwards, it was time to "Follow The Dots" to the new Swatch Megastore.

The new Swatch Megastore is in a very nice and very central location.  I like the new store design, it is very different from the all-white "Ice-Dunes" theme.

The new Megastore has a nice assembly area in the first floor for meetings etc.

The head of Swatch Club International, Viktoria Bays had also found her way to Germany.  She explained the story of the limited club watch Find Your Way (888 pcs, SUOZ278S) and the differences to the regular club watch. 

After all this "hard work" in the Swatch store, it was time for drinks (beer tasting!) and food in the nearby famous Old Town of Dusseldorf.  Swatch had selected an excellent restaurant:  Hausmann's (owned by German TV cook Tim Mälzer).  Great food and great beer (and wine).  Yummy!

Thank You Swatch Club Germany for the great event.  Thanks to Britta and her team, Stefan and Viktoria and everyone else for the smooth organization!  Hope to see you soon at G&P (whenever it will take place :-)

Kö (Königsallee) at night

Andreas Wiethoff, 25-MAR-2018

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