Swatch Free4Style event 2012

Estavayer-le-lac, Switzerland, 07-JUL-2012

Here is a small report by Christine Tanner from the Free4Style event:

Around 30 Clubmembers met with Matthias and Stephane on the Estavayer parking space on 07-JUL. We moved to the lido, where coffee, fruits and pastry was waiting for us. We had the chance to ride Pedalo or to make standup paddle.

Some really did very well and suddenly where far away from the beach.

We had a good time and as you see the weather was beautiful, the lake was warm. For lunch we moved to the Swatch space.

We had fantastic lunch

this was just the Apero ...

and the Grillchef made us happy ...

We had the chance to see some spectacular Jetski races

We received the nice Estavayer Swatch Special – as expected the Wonder Zebra by Mat Rebeaud with a nice T-Shirt and a special loop SUOZ703C.

Later on Mat Rebeaud passed by for a signing session.

I had to leave after this and missed the fantastic FMX Motorbike jumps.

Look here for a nice video from the event.

The result of the Swatch-Free4Style FMX Contest
1. Levi Sherwood (NZL)
2. Mat Rebeaud (CH)
3. Petr Pilat (CZE)

Thanks to Swatch Marché Suisse Matthias and Stephane for another nice and spectacular event!

Thank you Christine for the report and the pictures. also has a nice report with a few picture, I like especially this one :-)

Andreas Wiethoff, 16-JUL-2012.

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