Swatch "Art Journey" Florence Club Event

13-APR-2023, Florence, Italy

Andrea Marco Faggioli sent me the following photos and a report:

On 13-APR, an event for Italian Swatch Club members was held in Florence to celebrate the launch of the second part of the Art Journey 2023 Swatch collection. This launch includes two watches in collaboration with Gallerie Degli Uffizi:  1. Gent Nascita Di Venere By Sandro Botticelli (GZ360) in special packaging; 2. New Gent Allegoria Della Primavera By Botticelli in special packaging (SUOZ357).

A third watch in collaboration with Louvre Abu Dhabi was also released:  New Gent The Great Wave By Hokusai & Astrolabe (SUOZ351) in special packaging with printing on the back side of the watch. 

Members were invited to an immersive lunch at Serre Torrigiani Firenze during which the new watches have been thoroughly described by Carlo Giordanetti (CEO Swatch Art Peace Hotel).

After lunch, participants were transferred by VIP minivans to the Gallerie Degli Uffizi for a private guided tour of the Sandro Botticelli original artworks.  

The end of the event was held at the Swatch Store in Piazza San Giovanni, right across the street from the Basilica Di Santa Maria Del Fiore. The store had a new special setting themed after the two Botticelli watches.

Thanks to Andrea Marco Faggioli for the great photos and the text.

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