Swatch Flymagic Launch Germany

23-MAY-2019, Berlin, Germany

On 23-MAY-2019, Swatch Germany had invited about 40 German Swatch collectors and watch enthousiasts to the Fragrances Bar in The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Berlin for the launch of a very exclusive Swatch watch:  Flymagic.  This completely new product line had been unveiled by Swatch on 14-FEB during a press conference with Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek, Swatch Creative Director Carlo Giordanetti, and Swatch's VP and COO Gonzalo de Cevallos at the new Swatch HQ (finally finished!) in Biel:  Swatch Flymagic

As this "Sales Experience-Event" took place on an ordinary Thursday evening, I drove the six hours to Berlin during the day.  In the late afternoon, I arrived at the Sony Center at the Potsdamer Platz.  Looks a bit different now compared to the early 90s...

The entrance of the Ritz-Carlton hotel was very busy.  It turned out that FC Bayern Munich stayed at this hotel as well for the German Cup Final in Berlin on 25-MAY.  Lots of TV reporters, autograph hunters etc.

At 7.30 pm, we met inside of the Fragrances bar.  A huge display was already advertising the amazing Flymagic Swatch.

on the right:  Swatch Brand Manager Germany Stefan Sommer

A very nice display for the Flymagic watches

After a few drinks and snacks, the Swatch Brand Manager Germany Stefan Sommer and the head of Swatch Marketing Stefan Peter (formerly Swatch Russia) introduced the Flymagic watch to the guests and explained the technical details.

technical specifications

Later, the curtain to the exhibition area was opened and it was time for a "hands on".  The Blue Hawk (YHS100S) seems to be the favourite among collectors followed by Black Suspense (YHG100S).  The watch looks even better in "real life" than on the press photos.  An amazing watch!  We were told that this very special movement ("SISTEM 66" = SISTEM51 turned upside down + 11 additional parts) will not be used in any other watch.  So it is a "one off" (at least for now :-)

Later, we could buy the reserved watches and singer / songwriter Max Buskohl played a few songs for us.  I have to admit that I was not able to fully concentrate on the music :-)

As a surprise, Swatch Germany had prepared a unique gift, available only to the Ritz-Carlton event participants on that special evening:  A black leather bag (holds three watches [hint, hint!]) which will personalized in the next weeks.  Very special!

Arranging the details for the personalized gift

Flymagic sales, choosing the unique number

Less than 50 Flymagic watches (in total) were available in Germany, I guess that 25-30 watches were sold on this evening.  On 24 and 25-MAY, Swatch had opened at special Popup store at the concept mall Bikini Berlin in order to sell the rest of the watches. 

And finally, it was time for a very nice dessert.  It took 20 minutes to finalize this plate.

At 10pm, it was time to drive back home (another six hours), having spent only five hours in the German capital.  Phew!  But it was well worth the trip...

Thanks to the team from Swatch Germany (Stefan, Britta, and everyone else) and to Stefan Peter from Swatch Switzerland for a memorable evening.

Andreas Wiethoff, 27-MAY-2019

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