Swatch Limited Club Watch 2019 Launch

15-MAR-2019, Frankfurt, Germany

On 15-MAR-2019, Swatch Club Germany had invited about 40 German Swatch collectors to Frankfurt for the launch of the limited & numbered 2019 Swatch Club watch called You, You, And You.  We met on Friday after work at the Kunstverein Familie Montez in the Honsell bridge.  A great location for relaxing, working, drinking, talking, ...

Welcome drinks!

On the left:  Swatch Brand Manager Germany Stefan Sommer

Some "workplaces" (design and print your own T-shirt, design and produce your own button, ...) had been set up.  So we had lots of time work to do some "artworks" but also time for catching up with the latest Swatch gossip...

At about 7pm, the team from Swatch (including Viktoria Bays, the head of Swatch Club International) unveiled the (meanwhile well known) special limited version of the new Club watch You, You, And You (SUOZ300S), including a special loop for Germany.  This version (SUOZ300KS) exists in 37 pcs with numbers 1xx.

Swatch had invited two German artists (Zuni Fellehner und Kirsten Fabinski) from the design studio Von Zubinski who work the field of print design (visual identity, illustration, editorial and book design).  So they are working in the same area as Ton Mak who designed the current club watch What's Yo Face.

After everyone was able to buy one (and only one) limited special, it was time to work on our own T-shirts.  This was really a lot of fun!  Afterwards, the print was "sealed" (with heat) on the T-shirt so that it will be durable.  Kirsten and Zuni were very helpful and supported us in every possible way. 

Some club members were really creative!


If you work hard, you also need food and drinks:  We had plenty of everything!  Yummy!

Finally, it was time to take a group picture!

Click on the image to enlarge!

Thanks to the team from Swatch The Club Germany and to von Zubinski (Kirsten and Zuni) for a creative and relaxed and great evening in Frankfurt.

Andreas Wiethoff, 16-MAR-2019

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