Swatch Geneva Mont Blanc Store (Re)Opening / Swiss Sparklebold Launch

05-DEC-2019, Geneva, Switzerland

 Christine Tanner joined the (Re)Opening of the Swatch Geneva Mont Blanc Store and she sent me the following report and photos:

On 05-DEC, Swatch Club Switzerland invited for the (re)opening of the newly renovated Swatch Geneva Mont Blanc Store and the launch of the Swatch Sparklebold.  At 6pm there was a waiting line outside.  All club members who wanted to buy the Sparklebold received one of the 25 Swatch christmas tree balls.  After the opening of the doors, drinks and food were served and there were 2 musicians playing soft Jazz music.  We had a good time and all 25 Sparklebold specials were sold.  Another highlight was the lucky draw for the very last one of the numbered Bape Sets. It was sold to a lucky winner for CHF 1000.  Thanks to Swatch Marché Suisse, Alain, Daniel, Vanessa and Madame Morod (Store Geneva) for the pleasant evening.

Christine Tanner, 07-DEC-2019

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