Basel Paint In Blue Presale Event, 4-NOV-2006

A presale of 99 limited and numbered Blue Man Group special art swatches Paint In Blue took place in Basel three weeks prior to the official launch in Switzerland on 4-NOV at the Theaterplatz in Basel.

The Swatch Art Special Paint in Blue comes with its own special packaging-a grey plastic jointed tube, looking something like a periscope with a big plastic lens that is at once a magnifying glass and a window on the watch inside! The tube evokes the Blue Man Group and the giant drums and pipe-work instruments they use to make music during their shows. Paint in Blue and its Special Packaging will be available in a limited and numbered edition of 3,333, worldwide.  Each watch is individually numbered on the back of the watch.  Price of the watch is 333 Swiss Francs, not exactly a bargain.

The water in the fountains at the Theaterplatz in Basel was colored appropriately, in blue:

It was a sunny afternoon in Basel, and a nice installation involving many black tubes had been prepared, all in a nice "Blue Man Group" style.

Before the sale started at 3.33pm, collectors could see the special for the first time "live":

As the presale event had not been published in the newspapers in Basel (only on the internet of the Swatch website and via email to club members), just about 50 Swatch enthousiasts had gathered at the Theaterplatz.  The sale started right on time at 3.33pm.  Collectors were able choose the number of the special, numbers between 0085 and about 0199 were available, I managed to get the nice number 0111 :-)

Lydia happy while purchasing :-)

No special version of Paint In Blue was issued but collectors received a set of free "art splash" fridge magnets and a Swatch keychain with their purchase:

The watch looks cool on Markus wrist! :-)

Michael also has a nice report about the Basel presale event and about the Sonic 8 event which took place at the same weekend as well.

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