Swatch James Bond Collection Launch

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Frankfurt, Germany, 10-MAR-2002.

The Swatch James Bond Collection was launched in Germany in Frankfurt on 10-MAR-2002.

Swatch The Club Germany had invited all German Club members for a free(!) event starting with a brunch at 10.07am.  About 100 German Club members participated.  Besides the club members, the press was also invited.  The event was also open to the general public (also for free!) but there was a special VIP section for the club members.

Bond watches on display

View from the Club VIP area

At 11.07am, purchase rights for 35 "007" silver metal suitcases with space for the 20 James Bond Swatch watches (one for every movie) were given away to club members in a lottery.  The suitcase contains one watch, the Dr. No square chrono, and the Dr. No movie "poster" (a DIN A4 color copy!).  The other four Bond Swatches from the first release were also available for sale.  Price for the suitcase (incl. Dr. No square chrono) was 200 EURO, Dr. No alone costs 75 EURO.  The metal suitcase will be available later generally for 150 EURO (without watches!), it should not be too hard to get.  At 12.07am, five different Bond movies (see above) were shown.  During the event, many Bond girls were present to entertain the public:

The event was nice and well organized (as usual), thanks again!

There will be more Bond Swatch launch events in Germany when the next batch of five Bond swatches will be released.

A similar launch event "007 Swatch Night" took place on 18-FEB in Milano, Italy.  Here is a short report by Andrea Faggioli:
"We saw two Bond movies and we had the possibility to buy the special Bond suitcase. It's an aluminium suitcase that contains the first of the 20 Bond watches. It's the Square Chrono "Dr. NO". The suitcase has a space for each of the twenty watches.  During the event we also had the chance to buy the other four watches of the first release.   The other watches will be released (I guess in group of five) during this year. The collection includes a Irony Nabab (maybe an Irony Gent X-Large), a Diaphane Chrono and a secret watch celebrating the release of the 20th Bond movie (it might be a Square).  In the suitcase are also included all the posters of the Bond movies."   So they got better posters in Milano! :-)

The next launch event was in London on 20-MAR.  Here is a wonderful report by Robert Gough about the London event.

The next launch event will be on 28-MAR in Miami, USA.  The event in Miami will take place in South Beach.  A dinner will be served at the trendy new restaurant, "Kiss", on Lincoln Road.  The evening's program will follow at approx. 8pm.


Andreas Wiethoff