CollectoMania Swatch The Club Event, Duisburg, Germany, 10-FEB-2007

A Swatch The Club event called CollectoMania took place in Duisburg, Germany on 10-FEB-2007 starting at 3pm at the Gebläsehallenkomplex Landschaftspark.   About 80 collectors from all over Europe (Germany, Italy, UK, Netherlands, ...) joined the event.

The Duisburg-Nord Landschaftspark (Country Park) is a massive industrial wasteland, measuring 200 hectares, which has been transformed over a period of more than ten years into a multifunctional park.  At the centre of the park there is a decommissioned metalworks, the old industrial facilities of which are today being put to a variety of different uses.

So we arrived during a rainy saturday in the early afternoon near the Gebläsehallenkomplex (Blower house complex) and followed the "Swatch" signs towards the entrance:

waiting for the opening of the doors...

At exactly 3pm, the doors opened and a long queue formed at the entrance.

In this first room,many tables were decorated with large and small Swatch advertising posters and other display props from recent collections.   Each participant had received a paper sheet where he could order items from this first room up to 100 points free of charge.  Small posters were 5 points, displays holding 5 watches were 40 points and so on. 

Skander is giving out all the details

Michael cannot decide quickly?!?

Later in the afternoon, the second room (the "treasure" room) was opened to the public.  Collectors could enter the room in the order of the application fax for the event.

This room had many interesting things for sale:

Lots of huge Swatch banners (one at least 20 meters long [BoarderX]).  Mainly stuff that was made for Club events and that was not fully distributed (eg. Jackets for last xmas event, T-shirts etc.).   The only really old item was a "12 Flags" display (about 140 cm x 50 cm in size):

The rest of stuff was from the current millennium (ie. the 2000s):

Sale! Sale! Sale! (Jackets were only 20 EUR each!)

I don't think that the green soccer box was sold

Long queues at the cashiers desk!

During the event, collectors received the nice CollectoMania special numbered xxx/300 on the back of the plastic box ( SAB104C):  

It is the automatic Punching with a special strap and a nice black paper sleeve.  As about 80 club member participated at the event, only about 80 of the 300 specials were given out, so the CollectoMania special is quite rare.

In the evening, it was dinner time in a large room nearby:

Food was excellent, and we were entertained with the Movienight of Extremesports video, and some more videos from recent club events.

We had to leave the CollectoMania Event at around 9pm.  Overall, it was a nice event and a great opportunity to see many familiar faces again!

In the evening, a Timeless Party took place: 

More pictures from the (apparently not overcrowded) party can be found here and here.

Michael also has a nice report about the CollectoMania event on his great website.  More pictures from the CollectoMania event here.  Here is a link to the Swatch-Clopedia forum.

Andreas Wiethoff, 12-FEB-2007.

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