Gold & Pioneer Swatch The Club 2002 Event
17/18-JUN-2002, Biel, Switzerland
page 2

Late afternoon, we took the cable railway to Magglingen:

We had a nice dinner at a restaurant on the top of the mountain:

Lots of talking and discussing:

After dinner, it was time for a quick walk around to have a nice view over Biel:

Holger and Gabi (both married but not to each other :-)

Then it was time for a group picture, it was almost too dark but Patrick Jaron (new head of Swatch The Club [don't we have this each year :-]) tried his best to arrange people:

Roberto hasn't found the right spot so far...

Markus relaxed as always :-)

And..... this is the result:

Yes, it was already too dark...  but you have to click on this picture anyway!

The day ended as always:  At the bar of the current hotel (this time the Golden Tulip).  Late but not too late, Dennis arrived from a business trip, everybody was laughing about his tie (not!):

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