German Halloween Event 2001

October, 28th, 2001 at Burg Frankenstein!

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On 26-OCT, the German Swatch Club had organized a halloween event at Burg Frankenstein.  Yes, this castle inspired Mary Shelley to the book that we all know and love.  To commemorate the event, a special packaging of the Mummia halloween gent (GM900) was issued.  The packaging is limited to 36 pcs and it is not numbered but personalized:

A great idea.  Here is a picture of the back of the packaging.  Participants also received a rain jacket (fortunately, the weather was great!), a special pass, and a cute halloween headdress:

At 17:07, we met a the shuttle parking lot and prepared / dressed up for the journey:

Upon arrival, everybody was dressed up properly:

First, we had a nice reception with a welcome drink:

At the castle, there is an official(!) marriage chapel, so Annette and Holger reconfirmed their marriage:

At 7pm, we had an excellent halloween dinner.  The room was nicely decorated:

Semra (left) and Susanne (standing) from Swatch

After the dinner, it was show time!  We started our visiting tour around the castle.  Lots of scary and spooky characters appeared on the scene:

Does Annette look scared?  I don't think so!

The scenery included lots of well known places:

The evening finished at around midnight with an appearance of all characters on stage dancing to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'  (we all know the video, right?).

We had a lot of fun at the event, thanks to Semra and the others from Swatch The Club for the excellent organization.  I am looking forward to see everybody soon again!

Thanks to Susanne Vierkötter for some pictures.
Here are Holger Brinkmann's photos and impressions from the event.

Andreas Wiethoff
October, 28th, 2001.

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