Opening of the Nicolas G. Hayek Center in Tokyo, Japan, 24-MAY-2007

Pictures by Yuji Tada

On 24-MAY, the Nicolas G. Hayek Center has opened its doors in Tokyo, Japan, in the Ginza district.  As you can see at the japanese website of the Swatch Group, the building has fourteen floors:  The first five floors are reserved for boutiques of the different brands of the Swatchgroup (Swatch, Omega, Breguet, Blancpain, ...).   The middle three floors are reserved for the customer service.  The top six floors are reserved for the offices of Swatch Group Japan.    You can also find this news bit on the japanese Swatch website. 

Yuji Tada sent me the following pictures from the opening event:

Building still closed before the opening ceremony

The opening ceremoney starts

A first glimpse inside the building reveals a very special elevator!  The walls of the elevator are made of Swatch watches!

Wow!  A real piece of art!

As the elevator is something really unique, a special opening ceremony was held.   This time, Reto Stöckli (COO Swatch AG), cut the ribbon;

The first real users of the elevator....


....down... the new Swatch Store in the Nicolas G. Hayek Center

The Swatch Japan website has a great information page about the new Swatch Store.

The Swatch Store also carries pieces from the Vendôme collection. 

To commemorate the opening, a special version of the Jelly In Jelly Swatch Swiss Ski (SUMK103) has been released in a limited edition of 300 pcs.  It has an extra loop around the strap and the is SUMK103D.  The watch comes in a regular plastic box.  Retail price is 8925 Yen (~55 EUR).


special loop

Thanks a lot to Yuji Tada for the great pictures!  Without him, this page would not have been possible!

Andreas Wiethoff, 26-MAY-2007.

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