Lugano International / Gold & Pioneer Event, 31-MAY to 4-JUN-2006

For the eleventh(!) time, Swatch The Club held its traditional International and Gold & Pioneer Event, this time in beautiful Lugano, Switzerland.  The first part of the event, the International Event took place from 31-MAY to 2-JUN-2006, and it was organized around the huge Splashtival Event in Lugano on 1-JUN.  The second part of the event, the Gold & Pioneer Event took place from 2-JUN to 4-JUN.  About 160 club members participated at both events, so it was one of the largest Gold & Pioneer Event so far.

The club members met on wednesday (31-MAY) evening for a dinner at one of the two hotels, Centro Cadro Panoramica, near Lugano.  Due to other commitments, I could not participate at the dinner, so here are two pictures by Michael showing the beautiful view from the hotel and a small impression of the dinner:

I arrived around midnight at my hotel, the Origlio.  The next morning, I found out that the hotel had already been completely taken over by Swatch :-)

Nice swimming pool!

view from my hotel room, note the perfect weather :-)

For the first day of the international event (1-JUN), swatch had prepared a very very long agenda.  It all started with a bus transfer to the small town of Besazio.

We then walked up through the wineyards for a nice and relaxed wine tasting at 10am in the morning. 

Again:  the weather and the location was perfect and everybody had a good time as you can see in the picture of Sam below. 

in the wine cellar

Later in the morning, we drove a short way to Serpiano and walked to the Ristorante Funivia for a cooking event...

See more pictures from the Lugano International Event (Risottival!) on page 2 of my report.

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