Modane Skin Chrono Launch 11-JUN-2001

Here are some pictures from the Skin Chrono Launch which took place in Modance, France (close to the Swiss border) on 11-JUN-2001.  About 350 journalists and 100 swatch gold & pioneer members attended the event.  A nice special packaging of the skin chrono (limited and numbered to 450 pcs) in a plexi glass tube was given to all participants.  I did not participate at the event but here are some pictures by Marc Lenzinger, Peter Rollings, and Stefano Costa:


The wind tunnel in Modane

Outfit for all participants

Distributing the overalls

Gabi & Markus

Presentation of the Skin Chrono

Sandra (we'll miss you :-/) and Peter

Roberto and Peter

Roy, Tracey, Martin, and Brian

Here is another nice report by Jean-Bernard Mani.

Andreas Wiethoff