Munich Swatch The Club event, 8-10-JUNE-2001.

After the traditional gold and pioneer member meeting 2001 in Biel, Switzerland, a Swatch The Club bayrische Gaudi event (bavarian fun event) took place on the weekend 8-10-JUN-2001 in and around Munich, Bavaria, Germany.  About 100 club members participated.  After a long Bus journey from Biel to Munich, everybody met on friday evening in the restaurant Rathauskeller (cellar of the town hall) in the heart of Munich.  Everybody had fun drinking one Weißbier or another...

Ton said "Hello" to everybody:

Later in the evening, the mood became more relaxed, and we sang a "Happy Birthday" for ... (I have forgotten, sorry):

The next morning (saturday), we had several options for having fun:  River rafting on the Isar, bowling, shopping etc.  Unfortunately, the weather was only one thing:  wet.  It was raining "Bindfäden" as we say in Germany or "cats and dogs"...  We went river rafting anyway.  Because of the rain, I don't have any pictures of our boat trip.  We had no experienced boat captain on our boat, so we elected Marcus as captain.  We arrived safely, fortunately.  We only got wet from the rain, so a typical rafting boat crew member looked like this:


We had lunch in a small restaurant near Bad Tölz.  Some drank water...

Tom (dry, no boat trip) and Roy (wet)

...and others needed something stronger to warm up again:

Marcus (with his captain's cap) and Holger

Horny(?!?!) Valter

Christine enjoys her lunch time

After a while, the food arrived, and about 100 people fought for food at the same time:

In the end, it was enough for all of us.  Some preferred the Weißbier:

Dennis and his beer #1, #2, or...?

After lunch, we went cart racing.  Click here to read all about it.