Hollywood Dream & Diva

GZ116 Hollywood Dream
PWBB106 Diva
Unique Box covered by 6,370  Swarovski crystals

Among those most wanted in the Swatch X-mas Specials collection are certainly Hollywood Dream and Diva: one enclosed in a transparent giant diamond box, the other in a shiny silver box, both covered with endless iridescent crystals and lots of sparkle. Hollywood Dream and Diva are each an unforgettable and unrepeatable statement of Swatch provocation of glamour.

Spotted on the wrist of some of the world's most elegant people, they have been worn at opening nights at the Opera, at dinner in the best restaurants, at Royal gatherings and Oscar nights.

Nothing is more Swatchy than wearing these outrageously fun styles mixed with real gems and evening gowns: Hollywood Dream and Diva are the "positive revenge" of perfect plastic technology.

The set of two is presented in a specially designed one-of-a-kind box, for which Swarovski Components has donated the 6,370 decorative crystals.

Starting bid USD 3,500
Final bid USD 6,000

In NOV-2018, some pictures of the actual box surfaced: