Swatch Wristory Auction NYC 

Photos by Barry Crell

In 2015, Barry sent me his photos from the Wristory Auction in New York City.  As digital cameras were quite uncommon in 2001, it is great to show a few photos from the event:

A few celebrities pictures:

Donald Trump

Donald Trump (m.), Nicolas Hayek jr. (r.)

Matthew Modine (r.)

Heidi Klum

The Wristory auction:

Blaine Trump (l.)

The actual watches and art works being auctioned:

This does not look like an original 1983 Jelly Fish to me!  Looks like a reissue from the late 80s!

     Smart car (Hayek private family car)

Silkscreen Print from Keith Haring Portfolio entitled "Icons"

"Tribute to Fellini" by Lindsey Kemp, felt pen and watercolor on cardboard, 1991

1996 Olympic Torch

Sam Francis Original painting, Oil on Paper, 1992

Beatnik Satellite, 1999

Swatch 18K Gold Prototype and Swatch Platinum Prototype

Diaphane One - Sotheby's Special Edition,
a unique piece with 5 sapphires embedded in the movement and a special engraving on the bottom, to commemorate and celebrate the 2001 Wristory Auction.

Specially designed Wristory auction gavel

Thanks a lot to Barry Crell for digging out the photos.

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