ZEIT IST GELD Swatch exhibition

Göppingen, Germany, 3 - 30 MAR 2001.

An exhibition called "Zeit ist Geld" (Time Is Money) of about 200 rare swatches (eg. Oigol Oro by Mimmo Paladino, both Velvet Underground swatches, 3x Puff-Special, an Original Jelly Fish, Rorrim 5, Rotor, Fondation Maeght Set etc.) took place from 3 to 30-MAR in a bank in Göppingen, Germany.  A special packaging (a nice tin can containing a Fiz N' Zip, designed by artist Kenny Scharf, picture one / two / three of the tin) has been released for the exhibition in a numbered limited edition of 100 pieces.  Most of the tin cans were sold at the opening of the exhibition on 2-MAR to customers of the banks and VIPs.

Here are more photos from the exhibition:


Thanks to Robert Bienia for the pictures!


Andreas Wiethoff