Swatch The Club

Gold & Pioneer Event
International Tintin Event


6 to 9-MAY-2004

It's that time of the year again...  No, this year, it happened a bit earlier than usual (because of the Olympic Games in Athens):

Swatch The Club called for the traditional...

...Gold & Pioneer Event.

For the first time, the event took place outside of Switzerland.  Brussels, Belgium, was selected because directly after the G&P Event, an International Tintin Event was held.  So Brussels was an obvious choice.  About 125(!) gold & pioneer club members came to Brussels from all over the world (Japan, USA, Malta, Malaysia, and of course all European countries that you can imagine).  It may have been the largest gold & pioneer event so far.

We met at noon on 6-MAY at the lobby of the Royal Windsor Hotel, a five(!) star hotel in the heart of Brussels, only 5 minutes to walk to the Grand-Place.

Tintin had also arrived and he brought his cute little dog Milou

One of the youngest members of Swatch The Club!

At 1:30pm, everybody was there and we left with three coaches to the headquarter of Swatch Group in Belgium for the Swatch kiosk and the product management presentations about upcoming products.  On the way out of the center, you could already see that Tintin is all over the place in Brussels:

The Swatch Group is in the same building as Coca Cola, so we had plenty of refreshments during the day... you know who is behind the mask:  Markus

on the Coca Cola bottle in the background, you can see Tintin in space!

waiting for the entrance to the kiosk

The first thing that was visible at the kiosk were some very nice unique paintings by seven young dutch and belgium artists.  Each painting was somehow based on a swatch from the current olympic collection.  The pictures were sold later at the event for charity (the dutch paralympic team).  I think that they are really nice:


The following picture is also a beautiful unique painting, based on swatch watches.  It was given away later at a charity lottery (also for the dutch paralympic team):

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