Paris Flashmob Event


Pictures and report by Philippe Danjean

Following a mail of Swatch the club 10 days ago, collectors were invited to attempt a Flash Mob in Paris.  During the last months, several Flas Mobs have been organised by independant organiser in Paris (at the Louvre pyramid for example).  But today, it was an Eurosport - Swatch event oraganised at the same time in various cities all over Europe.

Meeting time with Swatch France staff was 12:00 with a scheduled event for 13:06.  Collectors were offered to enjoy a drink at Saint Severin Bar while last minute Xmas gifts tips were shared.... as  well as news regarding Swatch scheduled release.  Expecting rainy weather, Swatch umbrellas were a pre-Xmas gift for collectors ... but no in use today due to only cloudy weather  :)   The Chinese special in packaging might be available worldwide... and the next Valentine looks very nice.

Few minutes before, flyers were given away, and at 13:06 blue balloons (as we say in France "Allez les bleus" which stands for the national team as well as our shirt color in official competition) were distributed to everyone.

During few minutes we (around 80 people at Place Saint Michel) have to exercise with the balls while press and Video broadcast the event.  It seems that the videos will be available on the website of Eurosport.  A maxi Swatch was also "in person" during the event on the Place.

Nice fast event in Paris and .... good luck to national team for the drawing later on today....

Thanks to Philippe Danjean for the report!

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