Swatch The Club Melting Pop Event Siena

12-APR 2003

The Melting Pop art exhibition is shown at the Palazzo Delle Papesse in Siena, Italy.  A special packaging Melting Pop limited and numbered to 120 pcs has been released during a Swatch The Club event on 12-APR.  The watch is sealed in plastic with the exhibition catalogue.

Here is a report by Roberto Quadrini about the event:

"We met at "porta San Marco". We walked to the centre of the town (Siena is relatively small).  It was supposed to be a 15 minuts walk, but we had a real storm (it really rained cats and dogs) so it took longer  and we all were absolutely wet.  We visithed the duomo...

...and the S. Maria della scala, a big ancient hospital which is being transformed into a museum. We went to lunch (I took a pic in the restaurant of "Panezio"...

...the horse that won 8 Palio Races, the horse race that takes place once a year in the heart of Siena at the Piazza del Campo, see below).  After lunch we went to the Melting Pop exhibition.  I took some pictures without much logic. Two or three I took for my son Costantino. You can imagine what his favourite subject is :-)

Then there is a pic of me in Piazza del Campo, the place where the Palio race is run:

I think it is one of the most magic places in the world. It is just magic."

Thanks Roberto!

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