Swatch World Museum Opening Event Milan

13-16 MAR 2003

On the weekend of 15/16-MAR-2003, the first permanent museum entirely devoted to swatch watches was officially opened in Cesano Maderno near Milano, Italy (about 30 mins via train from Milano main train station and about 20 mins with car from Milano; very easy to reach).  The museum shows the Swatch watch collection of Fiorenzo Barindelli, he is in the guinness book of records for owning the largest swatch collection in the world.  To celebrate the opening, a international event by Swatch The Club took place at the museum on saturday the 15th.  About 200 italian collectors and 50 collectors from all around the world came to the opening event.

I already arrived on thursday, 13-MAR to visit Milano and meet some friends.  Together with Brian and Roy, we had a quick look at the Via della Spiga store but most of the interesting swatches were already sold out. In the evening, we had a wonderful dinner with Emanuele Bertodo at one of the most interesting restaurants I've ever been to. Sadly, no pictures. Thanks so much again, Emanuele!

Friday morning, we had an early visit to "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci:

Andreas and Brian; no, this is not the original picture :-)

Walking back to the city, we had a quick look into a few nice churches; I already forgot the name of this one:

Of course, we also went to all the different swatch stores that we were able to locate:

Note the "PACE" (peace) flags; there were thousends of these in Milano!

Emanuele also showed us a swatch collectors store, nothing really exciting but it is still nice to see that such a store can exist.  In Germany, most of the collectors stores have closed by now.  I managed to find some nice straps, though.

Roy, Emanuele, Brian

Then we had some sandwiches (there is really no bad food in Italy :-)  tasty as usual:

Roy, Marina (Roberto's wife), Roberto, Brian

Afterwards a quick look at the duomo.  It is HUGE but unfortunately, the front is currently being renovated, so I could only take a picture of the back of the duomo.

I bet that you are not really interested in how I spent my day in Milano, you probably want to know more about the world museum.  Fortunately, we were allowed to see a preview of the exhibition on friday afternoon, so we took my car and drove to the museum.  It is very easy to find, only 20 mins with the car from Milano center:

So let's enter the museum on the next page!

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