Milano Swatch F/W 2003/04 collection launch event, 3-JUL-2003

On 3-JUL-2003, the Swatch F/W 2003/04 collection launch event took place at Sotheby's in Milano, Italy.  Emanuele Bertodo, head of World Wide Trade Italia, has sent me the following pictures from the launch event.  As the event was very nicely done, it is worth to check them out!

Emanuele in front of Sotheby's (nice car :-)


Inside of the hall

Here are pictures of the collection:








Xmas special 2003 (with moose!)














X-Large Olympic watches








Sale of the Special

A special packaging containing the new gent swatch Flaky (GW138) was released for the event, it is limited and numbered to 300pcs. Here is a picture of the back.

Thanks Emanuele!

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