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Running, walking, relay:  Heike Drechsler, Olympic Long Jumping Gold Medalist, Germany

Shooting:  No Angels, Singers, Germany

Cycling:  Hans Rey, Swatch Pro Team Member (Mountain Bike), USA

Boxing:  Uli Kestenholz, Swatch Pro Team Member (Snowboard), Switzerland

Running, walking, relay:  Claude Nobs, Founder & CEO of the Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland

Running, walking, relay:  Johannes B. Kerner, TV presenter, Germany

Weightlifting:  Michele Sofisti (president of Swatch Ltd.) and Frederica Boido, Italy

Hammer:  Kenji Ogiwara, Olympic Nordic Ski Medalist, Japan

Handball:  Jörg Ahmann & Axel Hager, Olympic Beach Volleyball Medalists, Germany

Boxing:  G. N. Hayek and Lilian Hayek, Switzerland

Soccer:  Matthias Winkler, Artist, Switzerland

Wrestling:  Vivienne Westwood, Fashion Designer, UK

Shooting:  Prinz Hubertus von Hohenlohe, Artist, Austria

This should give you an impression of the kind of artworks featured at the exhibition.  In my opinion, it is a mixed bag.  Some are really good, some are so-so...  But all in all, very interesting!

To fill the space on this page, here are some more impressions of the event:

Semra (head of Swatch The Club Germany)

After visiting the exhibition, a lunch took place nearby.  Unfortunately, I had to leave early, so I missed it.  I have been told that it was very good (what else? :-)  So thanks again to Semra for organizing and inviting the German club members to this event!  See you soon on the next event!

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