A visit to the Swatch Megastore at the Times Square in NYC


comments and pictures by Brian Pier

This Swatch Store in New York City is located in Times Square on a busy corner. Of course, all corners in the Times Square area are busy! You will notice on the right of the entrance some jumbo (larger than Maxi) sized Swatches on the exterior of the store. More about those later...

With many photographs, videos, and movies shot in Times Square, the Swatch store will be seen many, many times. The tall building in the center with the Cup Of Noodles sign is the building with the ball that drops each New Year's Eve. Maybe Swatch should have a special club event in the store some New Years?

At the entrance to the store, Swatch Internet Time is prominently displayed.

The Jellyfish store concept works quite well for this Swatch store. The size and the large number of windows on two sides
makes the store almost glow. This shot was taken during daylight.

All of the Swatches for sale are either displayed on this wall or in the orange round display cases.

The infamous sushi track. More on that later....

In the back, Swatch has a room for repairs and adjustments.

Nice display while waiting for a repair or adjustment.

The sushi bar has two conveyer belts. The top belt rotates counter clockwise and the bottom belt rotates clockwise. If you watch it too closely, you can get dizzy! On the top belt, some working Swatches are displayed. Occasionally, you'll see that the Swatch was taken off the display. Not a surprise in New York City....

The store is brightly lit at night.

More of those Jumbo Swatches on the exterior. Swatch selected artists models for these Jumbo Swatches.

Good placement, plenty of light, and effective use of the Jellyfish concept makes the Time Square store a great stop. I've heard stories that this store sells more Swatches than any other Swatch store in the USA.

Brian, thanks for the nice report and pictures!

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