Tribute To Style Event

comments and pictures by Tracey Waldron, more pictures by Roy Porello and Brian Pier

On 23-SEP-2002, the Jaguar's Tribute to Style event took place in Los Angeles on Rodeo Drive.  Swatch was a co-sponsor of the event.  For this occasion, Swatch released a special packaging Tribute To Style as an entrance pass:

Before the event, an autograph session with Vern Troyer aka Mini Me (Austin Powers) took place at the Hollywood Swatch Store:

Venanzio Ciampa (USA Swatch Marketing Manager) posing with Mini Me

An autographed XL Swatch

Here are a few pictures from the event itself:

Arrival of the VIPs:

Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) & wife Camille enter the festivities

The paparazzi were taking photos of the famous people entering the Jaguar event

Brian Pier  (USA pioneer club member) sneaks into the pictures of the stars:  Lori Loughlin from Full House.

Esther Montagner and June Berliner (both USA pioneer club member) are all dressed up for the evening.  Wonderful :-)

Some starlets presenting their swatches

Lisa Kudrow ("Friends")

Jackie Collins (novelist/writer; her sister Joan is best known for Dynasty / "Denver Clan")

Copper hair!

more party people!

Slash (ex Guns 'n Roses) and friends

Slash's friend

nice swatch :-)

Actress Rosanna Arquette mingling at the event

Fraiser and gold member Brian Pier

Roy Porello (USA pioneer club member) loaned some of his collection to Swatch to be displayed at this event.
Now that's a "tribute to style"!


Upon entering the event there were many displays.  These dresses were one of the displays.

Dining Area

on the right: Lisa Kudrow

Mini Me arrives

Mini Me's Cap!

Slash (ex Guns 'n Roses) played on a roof top

Complexion was one of the dance groups that performed that night

Debbie Allen's dance group also performed that evening

one of the sponsors :-)

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