Swatch Girls Pro 2010

14 to 16-MAY-2010, Hossegor, France

Pictures and report by Christian Brem

From 14 to 16-MAY, a Swatch The Club event took place during the Swatch Girls Pro 2010 Surf Championship in the European capital of Surf, Hossegor, France.  Only four club members participated at the event (the smallest international event ever? :-)  Activities included a visit to an oyster farm, Swatch store party opening, shaping a real surf board, watching surfer girls, and party till the break of dawn... 

Many different special swatches (all Colour Code swatches in a special paper sleeve with a special loop) were distributed to the participants (club members, journalists, VIPs, ...).  Here are two examples:  Girls Pro 2010 Pink (GP128?) and Girls Pro 2010 Purple (GV121D)

full event package

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