Illustrative Swatch The Club Event 

17 to 18-OCT-2008, Zürich, Switzerland

From 18 to 26-OCT-2008, ILLUSTRATIVE, the international festival for contemporary graphic and illustrative art took place in Zurich, Switzerland.  During the Illustrative festival, a Swatch The Club event took place on 17 to 18-OCT.  A collection of three limited edition Swatch watches called Club'Art: The Graphics Collection, designed by young artists, was launched during the club event.

During friday afternoon (17th), we met at our nice ****-hotel Swissôtel located in walking distance of the Illustrative festival.  We had a very nice view of Zurich from our hotel room.

About 70 collectors participated at the event so it was the usual meet and greet before the official start of the event; swapping watches and other stuff.

At 5pm, the welcome desk of the club opened and every collector was handed out a welcome package.

Afterwards, we walked over to the Messehalle 9 where the Illustrative festival took place.

At 6pm, the vernissage started and we went over to the section of the hall dedicated to the three new Club'Art swatch specials.  Here is the official information about the watches:

Beautiful Women (GZ196) Afreau Couti (GZ197) Graph Paper (GZ198)

The watches themselves are not numbered but the boxes carry a number xxxx/3333.  The watches distributed at the club event in Zürich had very low numbers

and they come in a special sleeve:

This sleeve is unavailable elsewhere and it is limited to about 250 pcs.

And these are the corresponding art works by the artists, inspired by the design of the watches:

(the watch is really hard to spot :-)

Skander gave his welcome speech and presented the watches and the very nice and special packaging of the watches to the collectors.

These are nice three special boxes of the watches:

For the next two hours, the club members had time to talk to the three artists about their artwork and of course also about the watches.  Lots of watches were also signed as well.  The artists were very friendly and showed a lot of patience with the collectors as well :-)

Horiren on the right

Rory McGrath and the watch designed by him

artist from Körner Union and his watch

queuing for a signature

Later, we also had the chance to visit the Illustrative exhibition.  Some artworks were nice, some were great, some were strange, and some ... interesting....  Check it out for yourself:

yes, also a Swatch artwork!

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