Jubilee Event - 25 years of Swatch Club

22-AUG, Interlaken, Switzerland

Swatch Club had invited all Gold & Pioneer members to Interlaken to celebrate 25 years of Swatch Club.  The event was FREE of charge, so we gladly accepted the generous invitation.  About 67 Gold & Pioneer members met at 10am in the morning at the entry of the Harder Kulm cable car.  Harder Kulm, Interlaken?s local mountain, is a 1322 metres high summit with a great view of the town of Interlaken and "opposite" of the famous Jungfraujoch.

As you can see on the following pictures, the weather was in our favour, too.  Lots of sun, not too hot, simply great!

Swatch had already prepared everything for a celebration in style, Swiss music included...

So we went up with the funicular to the Harder Kulm, it was really steep.


Upon arrival, we were guided to the Harder Kulm Panorama Restaurant

More traditional Swiss music:  Alphorn

A spectacular viewing platform is located nearby the restaurant overlooking Interlaken.  Truly stunning!  And some wine and beer tasting in the early morning as well.  I don't think that it can get much better than that...

Lake Thun

This is the Jungfrau Park, formerly known as Mystery Park.  It opened as the Mystery Park (designed by Erich von Däniken), in 2003, and closed in November 2006 due to financial difficulties and low turnout.  Impressive Mulitmedia presentations bring the mysteries of this world to life in six theme pavillions. Three different special swatch watches in special packaging had been released in 2003.  The watches are: Kooxtun (synchro.beat, YKS8000C, packaging), Mixba (access, SFK100, packaging), Tzaquali (Scuba, SHN105, packaging). 

Lake Brienz

At around 11pm, Carlo Giordanetti (Swatch Creative Director) invited us inside the restaurant to present the Jubilee special.

The Gent special Grüezi Swatch Club (GZ297S) is limited to 2525 pcs. 

The Jubilee Gent special is available only at the Swatch store in Interlaken, nowhere else.  Lots of "Oooh!" and "Aaah!" as we knew that we would receive this nice milk can as a gift :-)

Cheers!  On to the next 25 years!

The only cloud of the day covering Eiger (3970 m), Mönch (4107 m), and Jungfrau (4158 m).

At around noon, it was already time to go down to Interlaken again.  Swatch had prepared lots of activities during the day, much more to come!

We walked over to the Hotel Carlton-Europe.  Time for a nice lunch!  But first:  Champagne!

The dining room was decorated in style!

During lunch, two surprises awaited us.  First of all, Australian artist Thomas C. Chung (he stayed at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in the second half of 2013) presented his artwork that had been commissioned by Swatch about a year ago. 

Thomas told us that he worked on this for about 8 months, at the end more than 12 hours per day in order to meet the deadline.  He first choose 25 Swatch watches with the most appealing design (to him) and hand knitted and cutted and glued all of these, line by line.  Wow!  Truly stunning and so much hard work...  But the result is really special, especially when seen from nearby.

A second and a third gift was handed out:  Each one of us received a Swatch cheese Fondue set for two persons (tiny!) and (as a huge surprise to all of us) another watch:  A Swatch Touch Zero One, either the blue / black Subzero (SUVN101) or the white / green Stripezero (SUVW101).  Thanks again for these generous gifts!

Thomas C. Chung patiently signed autographs

A giant 25 Years of Club Jubilee cake was brought into the rooms and a small accident happened at the doorstep.  But nothing major.

Lots of happy faces in the room :-)

No Swatch event is complete without a boat trip, so we went out on a small cruise (about 2 hours) on Lake Brienz after dinner.  It was soo relaxing with lots of sun, simply perfect!

more drinks were served :-)

We all tried to play some Swiss music using the two wooden spoons.  Some of us did not understand it completely...

Best wishes for the wedding of Michaela and Markus!

Only smiling faces during the whole day!

Giusy tries to play the Alphorn!

Ivo tries the Alphorn as well!

It was not over yet (no Swatch event without a visit to a Swatch store)!  As the last stop of the day, we walked into the city of Interlaken.  Lots and lots and lots of tourists from all over the world, especially Asia and the Arabic countries. 

The Swatch store in Interlaken opened a few months ago and it is one of the busiest Swatch stores in the world, sometimes busier than the famous Times Square Swatch store.  On some days, between 500 and 1000 Swatches are sold in the Interlaken store, wow! 

The Maxi Swatch Maxi Grüezi Swatch Club (MGZ297) was available in the store (together with the other Interlaken specials).  This Maxi is sold worldwide.

The Swiss band Pegasus was waiting for us and they played a great instore gig, very entertaining!

So overall, it was a fantastic day!  Much too short but very intense.  It was great to see everyone again.  Thanks so much to Swatch and to the team of Swatch Club for making this possible. 

More pictures on the official Swatch website.

Andreas Wiethoff, 28-SEP-2015.

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