Swatch "G&P Summer Camp" Gold & Pioneer Event 2023

27/28-JUL-2023, Laax, Switzerland

The traditional Gold & Pioneer Swatch Club event took place from 27 to 28-JUL in Laax, Switzerland.  Swatch had invited(!) 122 Club members from all over the world (13 countries) for a G&P Summer Camp event around the rocksresort in Laax, Switzerland.  The club members stayed at the **** signinahotel or at the *** Riders Hotel, both next to the rocksresort.  We met at 11am on Thursday, some club members had not seen each other since 7 or 8 years.  Time flies!

At noon, a Swiss picnic was held on the central place next to the rocksresort.  As you can see, we were very lucky with the weather during those two days, it had been raining in the Alps more or less non stop at the beginning of the week...

Audrey (head of Swatch Club)

Showing off!

At 1.30am, it was time for a Swatch Club treasure hunt (geocaching).  The whole group was divided into 10 teams (about 10-15 club members in each group).  5 groups went down to Laax village, the 5 other groups played the game in the area of the rocksresort.  Besides locating 15 different geocaches, a very difficult Swatch quiz had to be solved (eg. "please name all the different Diaphane product lines!").

The game ended at 4pm, so we had one hour and a bit more to prepare for an 80s evening up on the mountain at GALAAXY.  Additionally, a World Premiere at 2252 m was promised.

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