Swatch Limited Club Watch 2019 Launch

07-MAR-2019, Luzern, Switzerland

On 07-MAR-2019, Swatch Club had invited G&P Club members and Swiss Club members to Luzern, Switzerland for the launch of the limited & numbered 2019 Swatch Club watch called You, You, And You.  At 10 o'clock, about 50 club members had arrived at the Swatch store in the heart of the city of Luzern.  A warm coffee and croissants were served, a nice welcome and a second breakfast.

Each event participant received a nice yellow goodie bag with the Club watch logo and the tag line "I Can See You".

The new Swatch Art Peace Hotel watch was also available for sale

Viktoria Bays (head of Swatch Club International) gave a short introduction into the activities of the days ("lots of surprises").  We were divided into three different groups (ours was "Team Green").

Each team had to explore a certain part of the city of Luzern.  The "riddles" were not very difficult, though.  We walked to the Lion Monument (about 10 minutes away from the store).  The first huge puzzle piece was already present at the monument...

Afterwards, we walked to the Lake Lucerne where we took the next group picture... 

...and the obligatory photo at the Kapellbrücke

Next stop was a visit of the KKL (Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern; Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre).

next group picture with all three teams

...and yes, the three teams found all the puzzle pieces (two more were added later)!  And we already noted the difference to the regular club watch What's Yo Face (SUOZ303):  The upper part of the strap is orange instead of white.

Time for a lunch at the superb (15 Gault Millau points!) restaurant RED inside of the KKL.  Great food matching the theme of the day as you can see below...


I Can See You!

No Swatch Club event is complete without a boat trip so we took the boat to the legendary Bürgenstock Resort for the next activity.  The boat departure was directly in front of the KKL.

The Richard Wagner Museum! (Richard Wagner lived on the shore of Lake Lucerne for six years)

Two very special Swatch watches and a very very special Swatch collector!

Upon arrival, we took the Bürgenstock Funicular going up to the resort.  Spectacular!

The Swatch Store at the Bürgenstock resort

For the final activity of the day, we visited the Swatch Store at the Bürgenstock resort.  The GLAM collection was also available for sale there.

Mission accomplished!

Last group picture of the day!  Click on the image to enlarge!

Finally, it was time to unveil the special limited version of the new Club watch: 

The watch You, You, And You (SUOZ300S) is limited and numbered to 819 pcs:

Every event participant was allowed to buy one special watch.  Long queues....

Picture of the day!

During a lucky draw, a few items from the event (Onesies, the funny glasses, ...) were given away.  Sascha was a lucky winner....

On this day, the upper floor of the Swatch store was unavailable for a visit.  If you are curious (the upper floor is well worth a visit!), you can check out some pictures from the upper floor here.

The view from the Bürgenstock resort is breathtaking.

Time for all of us to go home (with the funny balloons :-)

Thanks to the team from Swatch The Club for a wonderful day in Luzern.  It was well worth the trip (and we were very lucky with the weather :-)

Andreas Wiethoff, 13-MAR-2019

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